Uganda Law Reform Commission to review the Trust Law in Uganda

Uganda Law Reform Commission has has kicked off preliminary stages to review and streamline the Law regarding Trusts in Uganda inorder to align it to modern trends in trust regulations.

Trusts form an important part of Uganda’s economic and social life. They act as instruments for preserving family wealth, charity, investment, land management and finance investment. Consequently, trusts are an important component of the economy. Trusts guarantee the protection of the property of the settlor by ensuring that the property is not liable to litigation or attachment since it is held by a third party (trustee). Trusts can be used to protect assets from being subject to claims from creditors.

The Commission has organised a stakeholder consultative workshop with members of the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee, judges, magistrates, members of the interreligious council, legal practioners and financial institutions at Hotel Africana, Kampala.

Download copy of issues paper for Review the Trust Law in Uganda